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...a little bliss

seeking hideout from the real world


{wishing for miracle: when will shitty fed-up-fed-err-at-ion publish BL?}

Haha...I don't think so unless those hypocrites gone insane.
< Which is why I have mixed feelings when they got licensed in the US.


Posting mostly my random rants on my fav fandoms, RL shits and so on and of course...i use tumblr most of the time tho.
  • May contain traces of BLBLBLYAOi [you don't like it no ploblem, because I L♥VE them]
  • (>ω<)
  • Funny engrish ALERT! But, anyway, i hope you can understand them even a little. ;D

  • RIRIADOLL||Cotton Candy||DESORDEN||RB-bY||CIEL||momocu||Peace_diner||ETUDE(エチュード)||GISELLUKA||Andante||♡DIANA♡||エ デ ン の 林 檎||zero||neo||猫に子守唄||wild-apartment||AREA27||AYA||逆乱堂||QWERTY.||DGI||NEGAHYST||bluestar||まめしば||Hole in 27||Ghost